Monday, November 1, 2010

The Rally for Sanity was In-SANE!

I'm not the type who likes to participate in rallies or large gatherings. I guess I am a little claustrophobic about standing shoulder-to-shoulder with thousands of other people. Plus, I am only 5'6" and that makes it hard for me to see over many people. But, I did venture down to the Stewart-Colbert Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear.

I started the day with a 10-mile run, my last "long" run before running NYC on November 7th, in which I ran from my house down to the Mall via the new MBT trail and turned around at 14th Street. I was on the Mall around 8am, and already the area by the stage was filling up; that grassy area by 3rd and 4th Streets was packed four hours ahead of time. I couldn't imagine standing or sitting in one place for over 7 hours! I did manage to snag two towels they were giving away that were pretty cool: a two-headed Stewart-Colbert logo. Later, I gave one to Keith.

When I returned home, I showered, changed, and drove down with my roommates, Mark and Jess. We parked near my work by Union Station and gambled we would not receive a parking ticket. Jess brought her shiatsu, Tchi (sp?) who I call Swiffer, and limped around on her bad leg. The most fun I had on the Mall was taking pictures of the people and signs. I enjoy people-watching.

Being Halloween weekend, many people came in costume and carried funny signs. There were several witches. And, there were several tea references.

I particularly like this email. Who are these yellow people?

Oh, those were the days! This politician is particularly frightening - most people named Sarah usually scare me, though.

For anyone who has ever answered mail on the Hill, the CAPS LOCK SIGN is particularly funny!

This tea party mad hatter guy gets around. What's with this blue costumed person?

I love Mark Twain quotes!

Here I am with my friend from my running club, Lisa. She was handing out small signs. My roommate Jess took one.

Oh, my - it's the radical gay agenda!

Another good picture of reasonable people!

Let common sense prevail!

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  1. Nice pix. Liberals have a sense of humor. Conservatives/tea baggers have unfocused anger. Give me a laugh over a growl any day.