Monday, December 12, 2011

2011 Races - The Year in Review

With 2011's race calendar in the books, I decided to reflect on my most successful running year to do. Without a question, it was my breakthrough year. The best decision I made this year was hiring a running coach (Mike Hamberger at which helped focus me on my goals and push me past my comfort level. I had trained somewhat lazily in the past, but changed my attitude when Boston changed its standards - I knew this was my last year to qualify under the 3:10 standard for open men (18-34) and the 2012 Boston Marathon would be my final opportunity in this age group. With a "last ditch" approach, I plowed through the remaining mental and physical barriers that held me back. The secret I discovered was in fact no secret - speed work, training smart, and core work is essential and does pay off. The year started with some decent running, highlighted by my Cherry Blossom 10 Miler PR, quickly followed by my low point with my less than stellar Providence Marathon. In mid-May, I began working with Mike in preparation for my Labor Day Weekend Marathon in Idaho. I've posted many of those results in past blogs. I'm using this posting as not-so-subtle humblebrag to highlight my 2011 races: Marathon PR-ed and BQ-ed twice (3:07 and 3:05), PR-ed 5K (18:34), 10K (38:42), 10 miler (65:32), and half marathon (1:27:45), and led a race for the first 2.5 miles and finished second overall - next year hope to PR again! 2011 Race Results 1/1/11 Predictions & Resolutions 5K 19:44 1/15/11 JFK 20K 1:23:39 2/5/11 Langley 8K 33:17 2/20/11 GW Birthday Marathon Relay - Two Guys, a Girl, and a Distance Race (with Grace and Dan) 4th Coed team 3:02:50 2/27/11 Club Challenge - 1:07:02 3/13/11 St Patty’s 8K - 32:29 4/3/11 Cherry Blossom - 65:32 PR! 5/01/11 Cox Providence Marathon - 3:23 5/04/11 ACLI 3 Miler - 19:53 5/14/11 MBT 5K - 19:20 PR! 5th overall 6/11/11 NPC 5K - 20:31 8/21/11 BRRC Too Hot to Trot 10K - 38:45 PR (course .2 short?) 9/03/11 Pocatello Marathon (Idaho) – 3:07:36 PR & BQ! 12th overall; 2nd M30-34AG 10/09/11 Army Ten Miler - 65:32 Tied PR! 11/05/11 Savannah Marathon – New PR 3:05! 68th Overall out of 4722 finishers! 11/24/11 Bradford CT 5K 18:34 new PR! 10th overall out of 900+ 3rd age group 12/04/11 Bread Run 10K – 2nd place OVERALL! Led the first 2.5 miles, traded the lead with Franco Reyes the next 3 miles, then settled for 2nd after the tough hill. 40:20 12/11/11 Gar Williams Half Marathon – 1:27:45 New PR! My goal for 2012 is to improve my PR's, run well in Boston, and crack three hours in the marathon. We shall see.

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  1. A deserved amount of bragging there! Not only a double BQ (removing any doubt about aid from the Pocatello course), but so many PRs.
    May 2012 bring you more PRs and that now-in-range sub-three hour marathon.