Friday, March 16, 2012

One month until Boston and St. Patty's Day 8K Report

As I write this, I am wearing my green tie. Since St. Patrick's Day is a Saturday, I do not plan on wearing a tie, but I enjoy this green tie which means today is my only chance to wear it. One month from today is the 116th running of the Boston Marathon. For the first time in its history, I am registered to run, having qualified last fall with times of 3:07:36 in Pocatello, Idaho, then 3:05:00 in Savannah, Georgia. Yet, I remain wary of saying I am "going" to run this race, because I wouldn't want to jinx my health or conditions, or anything. I am registered to run, and that is all I can say for certain at this point. My training has been going mostly well. This week, I have had some tightness in my calf muscles, most notably on my upper left calf just below the back of the knee. It hasn't kept me from running, and it is not a pain but rather a discomfort, but it is something I am monitoring. It feels more like a spastic muscle or perhaps a strain that I feel when I walk yet not really when I run. I woke up and didn't feel it this morning, but it has slightly been noticeable today. I'm hopeful it will go away soon and that I will be in excellent health for Boston. This week was a rather good week for my running. I ran 20 miles on Saturday in 2:29:18, a solid 7:28 pace that felt fine which was nice since I ran up Massachusetts Avenue for a few miles. I returned on Capital Crescent which in the direction I headed was mainly downhill. From there, I went through Georgetown and along the Mall until I hit my 20 miles and then took a bikeshare home. On Sunday, I raced the St. Patrick's Day 8K, probably the race I have done the most (RRCA Club Challenge is likely in second place). I ran a PR 30:55, better than my previous by over 90 seconds. I felt sore and stiff but pushed through and had a fine final mile to get in under 31 minutes. My weekday runs were solid, and I have a fine track session on Thursday, running 16x200 meters in 35-36 seconds. I ran with Sammy twice (9 miles Tuesday and 7 on Friday), and she chased a few squirrels and cats. She absolutely loves running with me, and she has a very nice gait that compliments mine. I do worry that as she approaches nine years old, she may start to slow down. This week I am supposed to do 22 miles on Saturday, a track workout during the week, and taper for a half marathon in NYC next Saturday. I'm looking forward to hanging out with my friends Adam and David and hopefully see my cousin Michael and his husband Shepp while there as well. One month to Boston... One month to Boston... One month to Boston... (not that I'm counting the days or anything). (UPDATE: My bib number will be 4186 and I am in the first wave, fifth corral!)

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