Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Very late Delaware Recap

6:53/7:00/10/24/27/7:39/8:01/7:29/23/16/22/18/30/30/22/19/44/34/51/8:33/8:06/8:08/8:17/7:54/7:38/54/(.2) 1:20 for a 3:19 just four weeks after Boston's 3:19.

Right hammy bothered me so I pulled back early; ran smart; passed Amanda Hicks around mile 14 and held on; climbing the long hill; twice; Laura on the bench near the start/finish; Iron Hill Brewery for post-race beer sampler and lunch

Two loops, humid, long hill, ran smart, and enjoyed a good sampling of beer at Iron Hill, which was right along the walkway by the water on the race course.

I forgot to write this when it was fresh.  So this is just a blurb.

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