Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Back to Workshop

It has been roughly ten years since I last was part of a writing workshop. Over the summer, I applied to and was accepted to participate in the Jenny McKean Moore Community Writing Workshop (how do I fit that on my resume?). Last night was our first meeting, and I must state I feel quite underaccomplished (Grammar check? not a word? Okay, I'm making it one). Compared to the rest of the group, roughly a dozen, we have a number of already-published writers. Many in the group have projects they are working on, and I have only an idea in my head. But, I am confident that I will have something in writing as I will be forced to actually write!

In other news, I am scheduled to run Wineglass Marathon in less than three weeks. I am in the tapering stages, and it is possible taper-crazy will hit me the week before the race. My training times are where they should be (tempo miles at 6:45-50/Yassos at low 3:00/Mile repeats at <6:30). I have done my long runs slow and on some increased my pace to run the last 5-6 miles at race pace which needs to be near 7:15. Let's hope this is my Boston Qualifier!

In the sporting world, the Red Sox season is ov-ah! It's too bad the team couldn't overcome all their injuries, but such is life. The Patriots started off well with a good win against Cincy - and I won a bet with my old roommate, the Ohio fan. Speaking of which, I joined him to watch OSU beat Miami.

And, lastly, in politics, family friend Bill Keating won the Democratic nod in MA-10. I like Bill - good guy, honest statesman, and he took on Billy Bulger! I really hope he wins the general in November.

That is all - end communication...

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