Monday, August 16, 2010

Got rid of the TV!

I've thought about this for quite some time. I know I should be watching TV less and reading more, but to actually go through with it and get rid of the TV and DirecTV in my room was a big step. I've seen the studies that show you get a better night's rest without a TV in the bedroom. I've heard anecdtotal evidence that the bedroom should be for relaxation and intimate activities. It wasn't easy, but the impetus was the DTV box stopped working, and that made it easy to disconnect and put the TV in storage in the basement. Now, the only active TV's in the house are the living room and the basement/den. I plan to read more and get through more books quicker. This way, I won't be watching so many reruns of shows I have already seen, and I will force myself to watch shows I actually like and not just sit there watching the screen. Currently, I watch Mad Men, Entourage, and Breaking Bad through Netflix. I record Lie to Me and Leverage and Family Guy and the Office. This season was also the first I did not renew MLB Extra Innings, and of course I did not get the NFL Sunday Ticket. I do not think the NFL package, at $319, is worth it when I can watch a good chunk of Pats' games on national TV or go to a bar and buy food with that money instead and be social. My DTV package is already the most basic plan (ESPN, TBS, TNT, and really not much more). I hate that a la carte is not an option as I would love to have Sci-Fi and AMC and History Channel, but that would cost $20 a month more and it is overpriced. I'm curious to see how this TV move affects my life as far as more time to read and better night's sleep. Let's see how this plays out.

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