Saturday, December 5, 2015

An Amazing Long Run on the Capital Crescent Trail

Many times, I write about accomplishments in races, but this post is an accomplishment of the beauty of nature.  In order to experience the breathtaking sight in store for me, I had to be at a specific spot, and I was since my wife and I had to be somewhere at 10AM.  That meant I had to be home by 9:15 AM and showered and ready to go by 9:35/40.  In order to get in my long run, I had to wake up at 5 AM and be out the door by 5:45AM.  Normally, I like to start my solo long runs by the Department of Labor since I take a Capital Bikeshare from the Brookland Metro down the Metropolitan Branch Trail and Louisiana Avenue and park at the station at the base of the Mall, just a few steps from the Capitol.

I was able to start my long run around 6:15 by running down the Mall in the dark towards Georgetown.  There were a few other runners on the road, and I greeted them with a wave or a smile and nod or a "Good morning!"  Once passed the Washington Monument, I actually had to stop for a few cars before crossing 17th Street, running by the WWII and Lincoln Memorials, and then passed the Kennedy Center.  In Georgetown, I ran by the boat house and the water front, under the Whitehurst Freeway, and finally onto the Capital Crescent Trail.

I figure I was on my fourth mile of a twenty miler with the turnaround ten miles out somewhere in Bethesda as the sun began to rise giving me a real treat: the sun reflected off the cold water of the Potomac that must have been right near freezing temperature.  It created a cool fog and the bit of sunlight that shone hit off the cool fog to create an effect as someone had filled the path with dry ice.  The sunlight hit off it in interesting angles and it was a sight I hope to remember for a long time.  About ninety minutes later when I was on my way back, the sun had risen and the whole area was still engulfed in the fog giving it a different feel and look.  It was similar to before, but this time it was fully lit.

When I was younger, my mother used to tell me that the sunbeams through the clouds were divine signs telling us everything was going to be okay.  I remembered this and hoped that the message was true: that it was as if G-d himself was telling me that everything was going to be all right, that my wish had been granted, and that there was nothing to worry about.  I hope so.

Most runs I post about involve races, how fast I ran, where I placed, interesting tidbits - but this time I wanted to share about a regular long run and the gift nature gave me this morning.

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