Thursday, December 31, 2015

Running Recap of 2015

2015 was arguably my best year so far.  In addition to running the most miles in a calendar year - over 3076 miles in over 420 hours according to Strava - I added yoga to my routine and revamped my strength training exercises.  I started training with a new coach, Ryan Vail, who added more speed during my long runs (tempo-long-tempo, fast finish, and Hansons Brothers workout.  We also got away from the track (mostly) and replaced it with longer tempo workouts.  Below are a few numbers to quantify 2015:

Miles run = 3076 (previous high = 2500)
New 5K PR = 18:22 (previously 18:34)
Fourth overall in Langley 8K
First place DCRRC Snowball Series age group 35-39
Second overall Prospect Park Spring Run (Bachelor Party weekend in Brooklyn)
Set then PR New Jersey Marathon = 3:04:01
First place age group and ninth overall Mad Marathon in Vermont on my 38th birthday
Course PR Leesburg 20K = 1:23:53
Set PR = 3:00:58 at Bismarck, ND Marathon and finished first age group and seventh overall
Course PR = 3:12:47 at NYC Marathon
Second place age group Morris Township Turkey Trot 5K = 18:31
Broke 40 on the tough Bread Run 10K

I added three more states towards my 50 state goal.
Completed = CA, VA, MD, PA, OH, NY, RI, ID, GA, MA, MN, UT, WV, DE, MI, AL, WA, IL, OK, NJ, VT, ND.  So far for 2016, I am registered for Houston and Boston.  I haven't picked my other marathons just yet.

2015 was indeed a great year for running, and I am hopeful for 2016 to be a solid year as well.  Next up is the Houston Marathon on January 17, 2016.

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