Monday, April 8, 2013

Boston Countdown (Second Time)

It's one week to the day before I attempt to run my second Boston Marathon.  Last year, it was nearly 90 degrees and all that training and hard work during the winter didn't help me run Boston in a decent time.  In fact, just finishing last year was an accomplishment of its own.  But, this year, I am hopeful that the weather will cooperate as the seven day forecast seems decent (fingers crossed).  The winter training has gone well thus far as I PR-ed in several races; my best accomplishment was breaking 30 minutes in an 8K (29:49) and running a 65:10 at the Club Challenge which is on a hilly course.  It was my second-fastest 10 miler time (behind a 64 on a course I suspect was a tad short).

But, I have a few things on my mind before I can run Boston.  First, I have my draft thesis due Sunday night on the 14th.  I am halfway to where I want to be.  Second, I have work to do at work.  And third, I still have a few runs to go.  Plus, I have to compete in a speech contest tonight for my Toastmasters' Club - I won my Area 14 contest and now it is on to the Division A part.

Laura has been a super supporter of mine.  She's in an air cast due to a running injury, but she has been such a supporter and fan and encouraged me so much this training season.  I'm really looking forward to crossing the finish line in sub 3 having been motivated from Hopkinton to Boston with thoughts of her waiting with my Mom, Dad, and niece Molly near the finish.  Also, I will be wearing a running shirt that memorializes my two uncles, Evan Raine and Ronnie Berger (my godfather) who passed away from cancer in 2012.  They'll be running with me the entire time!

One week left - let's do something great on Monday, April 15!!!

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