Friday, April 12, 2013

Running Goals

Here are my running goals, a list inspired by friend and former colleague, Amanda Hicks:

1) Qualify for the Boston Marathon under the open men's standard (3:05:00)
2) Run the Boston Marathon (2012 90 degree finished in 4:07, but I finished!)
3) Time goals:
    a) Break 19 minutes in a 5K (Branford, CT, Turkey Trot 2011)
    b) Break 30 minutes in an 8K (St. Patrick's Day 8K, DC, 2013)
    c) Break 65 minutes in a ten miler (Al Lewis in MD 2012)
    d) Break 40 minutes in a 10K (Capitol Hill Classic 10K in DC 2012)
4) USA Marathons to run: Marine Corps (2004 & 2005), New York City (2010)
5) Win a race (Mandarin Oriental DC 4-Miler 2012)

To Do:
1) Complete the 50 State Marathon Club (Run a marathon in every state)
2) Goofy Challenge (Run the Disney World Half Marathon on Saturday then the Full on Sunday)
3) Time goals:
     a) Break 1:25 in the half marathon
     b) Break 18 in a 5K
     c) Break 3 hours in a marathon
     d) Break 5 minutes in the mile
4) USA Marathons to run: Chicago, Big Sur,
5) International Marathons to run: London, Paris, Berlin, Jerusalem
6) Run a marathon on my birthday (July 12)
7) NYE Midnight race
8) JFK 50 Miler

I may add for goals later.  Thanks for following!  If you are following the Boston Marathon on Monday and want updates on my progress, text "runner" to 345678 and reply with 4935 (my bib number).  Thank!!

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