Friday, April 12, 2013

Boston recap: Friends and family support

I was reading some of the comments I received after finishing last year's 90 degree Boston Marathon.  Here is a collection of some of the encouragement from last year's Boston as I get prepared for 2013!

Way to go Kenny! I am so proud of you. You are unbelievable.


Very proud of you! And congratulations on the big race, Kenny.

Congrats for a valiant effort and finish at your first Boston Marathon under very adverse weather conditions.

I was getting concerned that an hour had passed with no 40K time that you had been forced to drop because of injury or heat. Congrats on finishing and fighting thru the second half. Obviously it was tough, but you did finish and that is an accomplishment under tough conditions.

I am very proud of your accomplishment. I know you were beaming the entire time. I hope you can run it again under much cooler conditions. I look forward to next year. On to shorter races! Fantastic! We heard the news that so many were deferring their entrance to the race until next year because of the heat. What a great accomplishment for Kenny. So proud! Hugs to all! Congratulations!! That is quite an achievement especially in that heat!! I'll bet you were worried sick the whole time.I know I was. We're so proud of him almost like he was our kid. Love to everyone. See you soon! Congrats on marathoning. Hope your recovery goes quickly! Love ya, Wanted to send you a quick note congratulating you on a t-rrific performance yesterday. I was able to catch some of the televised race (the men's and women's winners...unbelievable) and tracked you throughout the race. I was sweating at my desk just thinking about running in that heat! You had a very inspirational run. Great to see you reaching your dream and powering through in such tough circumstances with such a positive attitude. I'll keep your race in mind when I want to rip out my eyelashes training for the Philly half!! They announced it was the slowest finish for winning times at Boston since 1985, so that weather must have been atrocious. But you can always say that you ran Boston! And with a 5 minute cushion for next year's Boston, you're guaranteed that next year will be a course record. Congratulations!

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