Friday, October 9, 2009

A good week of training

This week was one of my highest mileage weeks. I'll top out at 70 when I run 22 in a few weeks, but this week's 66 is right up there. I find that "water" therapy and light stretching keeps me healthy and able to run. I'm battling a nagging left calf strain that sidelined me for July and pushed my marathon back from Steamtown to Philly. I took two days off last week and (knock on wood) it seems to be holding up with just the occasional "hey, don't forget me!" hiccup. My bigger problem is my hallux limitus, diagnosed back in April. Basically, the way my feet are causes a bunion-like growth to rub against a nerve in my foot causing pain. Or, that's what originally happened after my last marathon. It didn't go away until I regularly started icing it in a bucket of water with ice for 20 minutes twice a day, and I keep that routing up today as preventative measure. I also soak my body in a bathtub a few times a week for at least 20 minutes. I use lukewarm water and let it soak into my muscles. Some decent stretching keeps me feeling fresh too.

My running week is pretty standardized - Saturday is my long run, Sunday or Monday is a day off with the other day serving as a recovery run, Tuesday is tempo or marathon race pace, Wednesday is recovery, Thursday is speed work at the track, and Friday is recovery. I was pleased that I posted a solid run on Tuesday with 4 good miles just under my marathon race pace including a tough Hill on Calvert near Rock Creek. Thursday I posted 4x1 mile repeats ranging from 6:24/21/22/18. Those are right where I should be if I want to run my 3:10 Boston Qualifier. Today I ran with Sammy and she loves the run. I was reading a book I have about pet care and it says exercise is important for dogs - and the way she trots/prances is perfect for her. Plus, the vet says I can feed her more food and she loves to eat!

And now, for a new feature of my blog:
Kitty Kounter = 1 (1 yesterday and 0 today)
Squirrel Scoreboard = 3 (2 yesterday and 1 today)

Finally, good luck this weekend to all Chicago runners. Most importantly, good luck to Brian and Adam - Brian's trying for his BQ and Adam is running only his second marathon. Good luck to both and all running!

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