Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My favorite running partner

My dog Sammy is my favorite running partner. What I like most about running with her is her enthusiasm. Every morning the same thing happens - I awake early and start my morning routine and she starts to really show excitement when I reach for my running shoes.

Putting on her leash is an experience. She jumps up and down and licks me while I hold the leash and drop it to the floor. Then, she proceeds with "The Sammy Dance" which is her trotting back and forth in front of the leash until I finally grab her front legs and loop the leash around her like a harness. She'll dart out to the front while I grab a couple of bags and dart back as if to say, "Daddy - are you coming? Hurry up!"

She is an English Spring Spaniel with possibly a little beagle in her face. Those black freckles on her white snout light up with her eyes and tongue hanging out, a smile. Her undocked tail waggles as she prances - a white featherduster waiving like a flag in the breeze.

Her highlight comes when she spots a squirrel or even better a kitty! Sammy will creep toward the critter and then sprint after the victim. I have yet to see her catch one - she wouldn't know what to do with one if she caught it - but the case is where she gets her joy. The other day, a cat stood up to her and started to go after Sammy. Sammy whimpered and retreated as the cat followed for a few blocks. Tough on a leash, no doubt! But, she later found a kitty that gave her her confidence back.

As running partners goes, she's the one I have the most fun with. In the winter, we've run up to ten to fourteen miles, but the summer we are limited to five to seven. I love when other people tell me how pretty Sammy is or how happy she looks.

She's a good girl!

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