Wednesday, October 28, 2009

October London trip!

Flew out of DCA to Philly at 6
Waited for 4 hours with my friend Steve who lives in Philly and we got dinner and a drink at the airport hotel bar
Arrived Wednesday morning around 11 met with my brother-in-law's step-brother, Brian who works by London Bridge went by bus to his place to drop off my stuff, took a nap, then came back into the city for a run with his running club (Serpentine) for a 7 mile jog around Hyde Park and Green Park (8 total with warm up) - and I ran those at 7:30 pace. Went for drinks after the run
Bar one after running club. Three Youngs there. Bar two the Clarence. One ubu.
Thursday morning I went to tour the Economist, my parent company, and had a great tour and met some coworkers.
Went back to Loughborough for lunch at a sushi place and then a nap. Then took a 13 mile run into London around the Thames Bridges stopping at various points to take pictures and make videos.
After came back into town and hit a pub then a club with a girl I met there - then went to the Chamberlain Hotel where I stayed with my brother-in-law, Ryan, and his dad, Neil.
Friday morning we wandered around town for a bit first hitting the Churchill War Rooms and Museum then wandered to the Eye (didn't go on it) and then went on a bus tour of the city
After, I ran back to Brian's (7.5 miles) and picked up the rest of my luggage as I stayed in the hotel the rest of the time. That night, we drank beer near the Hays Galleria along the Thames then went and ate some really good Indian food near London Bridge before heading back to the hotel where we drank at the hotel bar as more of our crew arrived. Then we went across the street to The Peacock where we put some more beers down. I met a young Welch lady and her aunt and uncle before finally calling it a night roughly around 3.
Saturday morning tour of Westminster Abbey; walk to Buckingham Palace; lunch at Borough Market; tour of the Tower of London; nap; ride on the London Eye; dinner; Piccadilly Circus; then three bars including Medievel Banquet (only day of rest from running)
Sunday 14 miler (double loop of bridges); lunch at a pub then Patriots game then Dominoes pizza
Monday ran the Bridges 8 mile loop; went to Camden and bought a shirt looking like Che but it was Peter Griffin's face (should have also bought the shirt that said "Sloth love Chunk" with Sloth's face from the Goonies); walked to the London Zoo; went and ate lunch (sushi) at Harrod's and had two scoops of their gelatti after; went to Parliament and sat in on a session of the House of Commons then a session of the House of Lords; went to dinner and packed
Tuesday - got up at 5am for my last run in London - Bridge Loop again - then flew back. Sammy was very glad to see me. We ran 9 this morning and she is happy I am home!

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